We believe that as a development partner we have a vested interest in your success. We have successfully developed and deployed multiple products and emerging technologies worldwide and have the experience, dedication and focus to provide all the assistance needed for you to deliver a successful product or service to your customers.

Our Power points

  • Highly skilled, product oriented and experienced broadband and media networking team. Team has been involved with innovative solutions and services in emerging areas like IoT, Wearable Devices, Video, OTT, Broadband, Wireless
  • Expertise in Networking, DSP, Embedded, Hardware, Platform software, Server technologies, and Mobile apps, enable us to provide the end-to-end solution.
  • Highly experienced in full product development and engineering from market requirements, Product Analysis, Product Design specs, Product Development, QA & Testing, Maintenance, Product Porting/Migration etc.
  • Designed and developed world class products which are currently deployed across the globe
  • Successful track record in running multiple engineering teams onsite and offsite. Multi-site development and multi-site defect tracking
  • Have various patents, contributions to consortiums and standard bodies