Next Generation Networks

Next Generation Networks


Cupola’s Next Generation Network offering is focused on delivering cutting edge technology solutions in the telecommunications domain. Our technology focus is in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Over-The-Top (OTT), Triple Play, VoIP, Set top Box, Service Delivery Platform, IP Multimedia Systems and Converged Networks.

Our wide-ranging innovative portfolio of services include software development, integration, testing and maintenance or sustenance services, enabling service providers to successfully manage Next Generation Networks. It allows Internet Service Providers (ISP), Telecom Service Provider (TSP), Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEM) and Independent Software Vendors to take full advantage of market opportunities to address current and future challenges in the marketplace.

Services we offer

Next Generation Service
Delivery Solution
Video Delivery Solution
Voice Delivery Solution
Multi-screen Video Streaming
IP Camera Streaming Over Internet
Video Content Aggregator
Set Top Box