Internet of Things

Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IoT), is emerging as the next technology mega-trend, with dominant and remarkable effects across the business spectrum. Each day, IoT connects to billions of devices, which ranges from fitness bands to industrial equipment. Cupola provides end-to-end Product Development in the area of Internet of Things – System Architecture, Hardware, Sensors, Firmware, Software, Cloud Platform, Server, Analytics and Mobile Application.

Industries We Serve

Connected Transportation
Smart Logistics, Fleet Management
Telematics, Asset Monitoring and Tracking
Connected Health and Lifestyle
Medical Devices, Wearable Fitness Devices, Consumer Electronics
Connected Enterprises
Industrial Automation, Workflow Automation
Oil & Gas Field Construction
Connected Environment
Smart Building, Smart Parking, Home Automation

Services We Offer

Sensors Evaluation and Selection
Low Power Form Factor
IoT Gateway Design & Prototyping
Embedded Firmware and Application Development
Connectivity using various Wireless and NFC Technologies
Data Storage at Cloud Server
IoT Cloud Platform
Mobile Application Development in Android and iOS
Edge Monitoring Analytics