RapidValue and Cupola to Jointly Offer IoT Solutions

RapidValue Solutions, a global leader in digital transformation for enterprises, including mobile, omni-channel, cloud and IoT in partnership with Cupola Technology, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) engineering services and solutions, collaborate to deliver smart solutions for businesses.


Cupola Technology: Furnishing Boutique Design Approach for Product Development in the Connected Ecosystem

The field of product design and development has evolved in recent years, in a remarkable way, to utilize new technologies and to apply new practices to conceive products better and faster than ever. However faster development, better technology and new products may not be addressing some of the significant challenges of product designing like development speed, platform flexibility, increased complexity and User experience.

Cupola Technology: A Cradle to the Grave Approach to Product Development for Emerging Technologies

A rational approach to building quality into products largely depends on the meticulous use of underlying non-functional aspects. Undermining this, a majority of software companies do not succeed to satisfy the needs of stakeholders and fail to solve their business critical problems.