Smart Fitness Tracker Device

Innovative algorithm to distinguish walking and running. Measures accurately stair case data.

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Centralized Managed Services (IoT)

Device Monitoring and Management, Network Monitoring, Location and Asset Management.

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Industrial Wireless Network Applicance (IoT)

Designed for open Industrial Internet of Things approach with Proprietary loop detection and blocking protocol for mesh peers

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Intelligent Device Provisioning System

Automated configuration and bulk upgrades of network devices, Centralized management, Location awareness. Managing over 2 Lakhs live devices in the network

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Video Switch

Converts traditional camera RF/Coax streams to multiscreen IP

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Cab Management System

Android Application running on PoS Device for Driver Assistance, Live Tracking of the Cab

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Cable, Terrestrial, Satellite Modem

Optimized implementation of different modulator and demodulator algorithms

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Video Content Aggregator and Delivery Platform

The VDP Platform provides Video Content Aggregation and Content Management

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TV White Space – Base Station and CPE

Wireless Base station and CPE based on Cognitive WRAN IEEE 802.22 Standard for effective use of TV White Space

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